Why Give Away The Horse?

This is the second in my series of articles on how Anthem Entertainment can revitalize Impact Wrestling.

Today I come at you with this proposition: Stop giving the horse away.  What do I mean, the money, the revenue from pay-per-view.  When TNA decided to cut pay-per-views to two a year they slit their own throats.  This is where they need to make the money.  A better product; storyline, productions, and concepts, bring ad revenue, but solid pay-per-view outings bring a large influx of cash to breach the voids.

To start with let’s produce four premium events a year.  My suggestions are:

  • March – Victory Road
  • June – Slammiversary
  • September – Bound For Glory
  • December – Turning Point

March to Victory Road…what a concept, starting in January the talent all via for a position on the card.  Maybe a tournament to determine who gets an Impact Title shot.  A few ultimate X qualifiers.  A women’s double elimination round robin.  Possibilities are endless.

Slammiversary…because, it is what it is.  This should be heralded as the SummerSlam of Impact Wrestling.  Bring in some top tier entertainment talent and build the hype.

Bound For Glory is traditionally held in October but why?  This is Impact’s WrestleMania and should be treated as such.  Big, over the top, special.

And for goodness sake bring back Turning Point in December.  It is a turning point in the storylines, the end of year long feuds and rivalries.  A turning point into a new year.

Next, take the show on the road.

Impact needs to take these four shows out of Orlando and stop giving the seats away for free.  No they won’t pack a 20,000 seat venue (not just yet) but they can sell out a 5,000 seat venue if they promote right.  Keep the seats cheap since the vast majority of fans are common people who can’t afford big buck seats.  I’d say $25, $50, $75, and $100 for ringside.  I’m not financial genius, but I do think that selling out the show and showing the world a packed house brings interest in the product.  That transfers into more weekly viewers and, in the end, more ad revenues.

Here’s a few suggestions for Anthem

How about Victory Road from the Hale Arena, a 500o seat venue in Kansas City, MO.  This is a city rich in wrestling history.

How about Slammiversary from Greystone, a paid outdoor venue in Tennessee that seats 5000.  An outdoor show that draws a good crowd – anyone remember Road Wild?

How about Bound For Glory from the Westchester County Center in White Plains, NY.  Take the show to WWE territory.

How about Turning Point from the Canton Memorial Civic Center in Canton, OH.  The WWE does house shows here, why not an Impact pay-per-view.

These are just suggestions.  I don’t claim to know the logistics of everything, but these are thoughts.

I would love to see Impact make $400,000 a year in seat sales than give the events away for free.

Another thought for Anthem, how about streaming the pay-per-views for $9.99 at ImpactWrestling.com and bring the product to everyone.  For those who buy the premium service in Europe and beyond, give it to them as part of the package.  Most fans would be willing to give Anthem $10.00 four times a year to see the big shows.  If they drew the Pop TV average of 250,000 buys that would be 2.5 million per pay-per-view or 10 million a year.  Add the house revenue of $400,000 in seat sales and the company can pay for itself.  Imagine a product that couldn’t pay the bills suddenly making 10.4 million a year.

These are just thoughts.  They are mine.  What are yours?  Let me know by posting in our Face Book group, for the dummies out there the link is on our homepage at ProWrestling247.com.

My next article will discuss how to Booking to the Bank, or Realistic Storyline advancement for Impact Wrestling.  Stay tuned and listen to Nick Anthony and myself this week to see what Nick thinks of all of this and so much more on Pro Wrestling 24/7.  You can get involved in the conversation on Face Book, Twitter (pw247net), and calling in live to 330-752-6835 on Wednesdays starting at 9p EST / 6p PST.  For our fans in New Zealand you can catch us on Skype at CBEradio or call in +1-330-752-6835 at 3p NZDT on Thursday afternoons.

That’s my opinion and it’s the only one that matters.