Where Do We Go From Here?

With the acquisition of TNA/Impact Wrestling by Anthem Entertainment, many fans have hope for a new beginning for the brand that has be so beaten down and battered over the last decade.  I wonder if this hope is in vain? The haters and trolls are still out there with their Twitter attacks and malicious Face Book posts just so they can pop a number and trend. This will never stop as long as there are dummies out there who think they know more about Professional Wrestling than the bookers, promoters, and the guys and girls that bust their asses to bring us the show. The fact that the product is pre-recorded is also a draw back since there are thousands of thieves out there, read dirt sheets, that want hits on their 1.99 Godaddy sites or Weebly blogs so they can claim they are special, that print spoilers. Personally I think spoilers are criminal in that they cause viewers to not tune in and thereby cause a loss of advertising revenue for the product. I hope, like WWE did, Anthem cracks down on this sort of garbage journalism, is you can call these sites journalistic.

How do you right the Titanic?  How do you bring Impact from what has been perceived by many as a glorified indie promotion to something that is realized as true competition for the WWE and others out there?  What can Anthem Entertainment do to make Impact what it truly is, the rebirth of WCW?

Step 1 –

Rebrand. Rebrand. Rebrand.

Put the Total Nonstop Action in a coffin and drive so many damn nails in the lid that it would take a million years to remove them.  The brand is tainted to the point of no return.

I think Anthem Impact Wrestling is cool, AIW, just saying.  Hell just call it Impact Wrestling, I can live with that, and I think most fans could also.

Step 2 –

Fix the roster.

As of late Impact has pushed the following talent:

  1. EC3
  2. Bobby Lashley
  3. Eddie Edwards
  4. Broken Matt
  5. Brother Nero

They have overlooked guys like Eli Drake, Rockstar Spud, and Braxton Sutter.

EC3 is a much better heel than a face.  I think most fans, except the dummies in Orlando, know this.  They really need to put him back in the role as heal and let him go.  His face promos suck donkey (you finish it) and it has cost him, and the brand.

Bobby Lashley is boring on the mic and even more so in the ring.  If he was sold as Impact’s Brock Lesnar and only worked a few times a year, then he would be over.  He doesn’t need a title as we already know, from his MMA record, he is a legit bad ass.

Eddie Edwards is seen as a tag team specialist, this is how he made his name, let him be that.  I do not care who he tags with since I do see money in a feud between him and Davie Richards.

Broken Matt & Brother Nero have rejuvenated the Hardy’s careers, but it is wearing on the fans.  Neither of these two need to be in the spotlight as they have transcended the industry and become legends.  They need to step back and help Impact develop the tag team division as bookers or agents.  Seriously, how many more Swantons can Jeff’s body stand before the dies in the ring?  I wouldn’t be surprised to see these two back in WWE before 2017 is over with.

Eli Drake is the most over guy in the roster and yet he is the most overlooked.  His promos are spot on and The Facts of Life segments are a great way to set up storyline.  I prefer the talk show set since is draws attention from the ring and brings a needed segue to the show.  Drake is an antagonist and is great at doing so, utilize it.  His skills in the ring are better than most and he should be rewarded with a title.  He would be perfect guy to put a television title on.

Rockstar Spud isn’t the biggest guy on the roster, but he has incredible mic skills and can take an ass whooping like Spike Dudley. If left to his own, he could be the face of the X-Division, or as I would like to see the Cruiserweight Division.

Braxton Sutter.  Why the hell isn’t he in a title scene yet?  This guy has made talent and he is being used as Ally’s arm candy?  I mean what the hell is going on?  Sutter is a powerhouse in a normal man’s body.  He needs to hone his mic skills, but when you get no mic time that is difficult to do.

I would be reminisce if I did not mention The Miracle Mike Bennett here also.  This man should have already been the Impact Champion.  He is a great heal.  His wife is the most annoying woman in Professional Wrestling since Vickie Guerro.  He is sleazy.  He is slimy.  He is a perfect heal.  His in ring skills are good and his mic work is better than most.  Bennett is an all around performer the likes of a Rick Flair or Bobby Eaton.

That’s my opinion, and it’s the only one that matters, but I do invite you to leave yours in our Face Book group, there’s a link to it on the front page.  Let me know if you agree with me or not.  After all it takes a Village to raise and Idiot.