Unaswered Questions

Since our interview with Sexy Star I have seen various comments from those around the internet and social media that are very disturbing.

I wonder if it because Rosemary commented on this incident first?  Was it that Sexy Star did not?  Why is it that people around the world have taken the side of Rosemary and vilified Sexy Star?

I wonder if those who have vilified Sexy Star have seen the entire match?  Is your opinion based on the :30 second bootleg video seen on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet?  Is it based on the sensationalism of the incident?  Once you see the whole video, the facts can be understood.

I have seen this match more than 20 times now and in no way can I find fault with Sexy Star in this situation.  In fact I see Hamada and Lady Shani throwing potatoes during the match.  I see Shani and Hamada going into business for themselves in this match and shooting on Sexy Star while working with Rosemary.  I see Sexy Star working with Rosemary and defending against Shani and Hamada.  I see Rosemary perplexed by what is happening in the match.  I see what happened that night.

I have seen some criticizing Sexy Star for no selling and that’s fine, but what about criticizing the other women in that match for their horrible performances also?  Should one consider the terrible power bombs delivered by Hamada?  Maybe we should consider the punch to Sexy Star’s eye by Rosemary that led to her taking a powder on the outside of the ring, who can see when they have been punched in the eye?  Honestly, she did exactly what she needed to do to sell the drama.

I have seen some accuse Sexy Star of not selling a chair shot, a vicious chair shot, and taking a powder to the floor after the shot.  They are complaining that she didn’t go to the floor writhing in pain.  Do they understand the culture of Lucha wrestling?  Do they account for the fact that Sexy Star is a former female boxer and can absorb more pain that most?  Do they even consider the character that she has developed in AAA and Lucha Underground?  Her toughness?  Her pain threshold?  Do they consider the myriad of facts that could lead to the way she dealt with the situation?

Many in the professional wrestling world have been quick to criticize the actions of Sexy Star yet they have not addressed the fact that there were others involved in the situation at Triplemania XXV.  There is always more that one side to every story and yet we have all been so quick to judge the situation, why?  Why do those in the business who have never heard of Sexy Star or Rosemary, and self admittedly have not seen the entire match, speak out on the situation without knowing the full truth?

Will Lady Shani step up?  Will Hamada speak out?  Did they achieve a goal?  Was there a vendetta against Sexy Star that night?  Was Hamada upset because she holds the honor of the shortest tenure as Reina del Reinas Champion in the 25 year history of AAA?  We may never know the full story.  We may never have a real conclusion to this situation since it has lead to speculation by the #EducatedIdiots out there who have only seen a few seconds of 12 minute match that have already made up their minds.  Where does it say in the rule books that the fans are entitled to be judge and jury?

During the interview we conducted with Sexy Star you can hear the emotion in her voice, the tears.  Is it appropriate that others do this to any other for what, at worst was a terrible lapse in judgement?  Is it our job as fans and journalist to determine that which is right or wrong in the world of professional wrestling?

Sexy Star has been stripped of the championship.  She has lost bookings.  She has been berated by social media.  She has been maligned by the pro wrestling world.  She has suffered greater than the injury that Rosemary received.  What was reported as a broken arm, as we now know, is nothing more than a bruised muscle.  Talk about jumping the gun!

I realize that professional wrestlers place their bodies in each others hands.  They expect their opponents to look out for their safety just as they look out for their opponents.  Was Sexy Star locking the arm lock back on after the bell inappropriate?  I can not say.  I do not what the actual outcome was to be.  Was that to set up a future angle?  We may never know?

On her own Twitter timeline Rosemary admits that the injury was not severe as was reported by many on social media and the so called wrestling journalists out there.

I will let the reader make up their own mind.  Form their own opinions.  But when you do so, has there ever been a time in your life when you made a mistake and regretted it?  Have you ever intentionally wronged another and then asked for forgiveness?  Was it given?

Consider the entire situation before reacting.  This is advice I myself need to take at times in my life.

I know it is difficult, but look at the big picture.  Look at the work of the artist.  Should this situation be enough to negate the legacy of Sexy Star?  Have others gone rouge in the ring in the past?  Do we forever allow our emotions to outweigh rational thought?

Watch the entire match and the make an educated decision.  I for one would rather stand on the outside knowing the truth than run with the pack and believe a lie.  I only hope that the other women involved in this match step up and tell their side so we can have the truth.  Until then this is a he said/she situation.

The only thing for certain is that now the wrestling world knows who Rosemary and Sexy Star are.  Yet there are so many unanswered questions.

That’s my opinion.