Pro Wrestling 24/7 claims to be the only Sports Journalists to examine the world of professional wrestling as a sports genre, not just sports entertainment.

Yes, we are opinionated.

Sometimes unprofessional.

Real Journalism requires real emotion.

We are honest.

We don’t plan on joining any kiss my a** club anytime soon!

We are unbiased in what we say, if you don’t like it don’t listen!

Looking beyond the television screen and pursuing the questions everyone else is to afraid to ask.

Calling out the IWC to talk live!

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Our Official Top 1o is coming to bring to you, the listeners of Pro Wrestling 24/7 a proud thank you as we begin the march to 10,000 listens by December of 2017. We are proud to be one of the most listened to podcasts over the last year on NBC Sports Radio On-Demand.

We are proud to be offering up a common sense look at the business and the athletics of the sport of professional wrestling.

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