The Roadie’s Impact Fantasy Booking # 2

The Roadie from Rock It 107.5FM , Port Chalmers , New Zealand back with another fantasy booking storyline for Impact:

The show starts with Bruce Pricthard out talking. He is interrupted by music that is not familiar. A group appears at the top of the ramp. They are a new faction in Impact called “Raw Smack” They are lead out by an older guy in a suit who is known as Vinny K. The wrestlers following him are a guys called Don Pena, a white boy rapper character who claims no one can see him. Andy Morton, who claims to be The legend killer, and a guy known as Triple Z ( Z Z Z) who turns out to be Vinny K’s son in law. Vinny Mac says the stable is here to show Impact that the “Universe” is the superior brand & he’s assembled the greatest talents from “the Universe” to teach the Impact roster a lesson……………

Pritchard says hes got a faction of former universe talent that will be more than willing to stand up to this new faction………….