The Elimintion Chamber Assualt

The 2017 Elimination Chamber matched allowed The Miz to show just how awesome he really is.  His Daniel Bryanesque assault on Cena, Wyatt, and Styles will remain one of my personal favorites for years to come. The Miz is one of those hidden gems that can really ad a depth to a match that is often unexpected. The continued mocking of SmackDown general manager Daniel Bryan makes one question if WWE will ever make the match between The Miz and Bryan? Reports are that Daniel is ready to return to the ring and feels that he can perform at the level needed to be an in ring competitor once again.  All we need is for WWE doctors to say YES! YES! YES!

I suppose before that The Miz will have to teach the lap dog of John Cena a lesson since she felt it was appropriate to assault Maryse at the Elimination Chamber event. I am sure that most fans would say that Nikki Bella’s bumping Maryse was an accident, but I personally don’t think it was.  It was a premeditated assault on Maryse as it is well known that Nikki is jealous of her.  I am positive that a man the caliber of The Miz will not allow this to stand and hopefully he will #BeatUpJohnCena as retribution for the brutal attack on his beautiful wife.

I hope that Shane McMahon fines the hell out of Nikki for this brutal assault. It is high time that Shane steps up to protect those who are not in ring performers from these types of malicious attacks by jealous lap dogs like Nikki Bella.