Thank You WWE

It’s after 1 am here in Northeast Ohio and I just needed to chime in with my thoughts on the 30th annual Royal Rumble PPV event more specifically should John Cena have won the WWE Championship?  In my opinion no.  Not that he is not deserving of being a 16 time champion, but that it was too soon.  Not the Royal Rumble.  Cena v. Styles is THE match to headline WrestleMania 33 in Orlando.  The hopes of that match is why I am attending the event.  Now it will not happen.

John Cena squaring off against AJ Styles at Mania as champion is stupid no one cares.  It was the allure of Cena finally conquering AJ Styles and winning his 16th championship that was the match.  Now it is gone forever.  Thank you WWE for shot gunning the Mania main event.  Thank you for ruining what would have been the greatest WrestleMania moment ever!

That’s my opinion and it’s the only one that matters.