You Take the Good, You Take the Bad, You Take Them Both and There You Have …..

In this article, I will examine the pairing of Eli Drake and Chris Adonis in Global Force Wrestling and discuss why this association is beneficial to Eli Drake.  I have been enjoying the Drake-Adonis association on GFW’s Impact Wrestling, and I would even argue that this pairing is quite a clever move that it can potentially benefit Eli Drake. 

 It is common that when a heel has charismatic speaking ability that their villainous demeanour becomes cool and desirable to the fans.  That heel no longer is considered a villain to the fans because that wrestler’s craft and incredible skill to cut a promo becomes too admired by the fans, that it becomes too much of a focal point of discussion that fans can’t see the bigger picture to appreciate the people involved and the matches.  Frustration soon follows as to why they’re not the World Champion; this was the case for Eli Drake.  As Eli Drake’s air time grew; primarily through his ‘Fact of Life’ segment, fans took a liking to Eli’s charming, entertaining and hilarious promos.  This would lead to fans embracing this vocal offspring of Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Rock.  But as Eli would spend the next 12 months cutting killer promos and working with various members of the babyface locker room, the fans refused to let Eli’s character develop from a witty troll into a serious contender. 

Enter, Chris Adonis!  One of the key reasons why I found that the Drake-Adonis association is essential to Eli is that the pairing helps enhance and maintain Eli’s jerk nature.  We all know that one person who becomes a dick when they’re hanging around a certain person/people.  Chris Adonis is an easily hated character, so by association, this also makes Eli Drake a hated person. 

 I see similarities between Drake-Adonis and the original DX from 20 years ago, Shawn Michaels and Hunter Hearst Helmsley.  Although Adonis has the stench of his WWE past to give him value, Eli is still seen as the bigger star and the better of the two.  Adonis is the one who obviously is following Eli around while Eli does most of the talking on their behalf.  Adonis’ true value to the partnership is his jerk of an attitude (and possibly the common knowledge that he was once with the WWE).  Just as Hunter Hearst Helmsley – the known heel in 1997 helped Shawn Michaels transition from babyface to heel, Adonis has assisted Eli Drake with getting the fans to hate him.   Adonis’ jerkiness has worn off on Eli as the “Dummy …. Yeah” are now rarely repeated by the live crowds in the Impact Zone.  This is allowing Eli Drake to develop and demonstrate a more serious layer to his heel persona, this can serve Eli Drake well in the long term. 

 The Drake-Adonis pairing also reminds me of the Floyd Mayweather/Conor McGregor entertaining Press Conference – specifically a certain part in one of their conferences when Mayweather (the heel, in this rivalry) ordered one of his entourage to take some money out of his bag so he could count it, as the man went into the bag, McGregor says to the man “DO AS YOU’RE TOLD, B!#@$”.  This hilarious moment made me think of Eli Drake and Chris Adonis with Eli being Mayweather and the man checking the bag being Adonis.  Mayweather gives pro wrestling hope that a bad guy could still draw as much or more money than the babyface.  GFW/TNA/Impact have always created better heels than babyfaces.  Hopefully Impact will look at Mayweather and apply that same kind of brashness into Eli Drake.