The Take Away – Monday Night Raw for August 28, 2017

This weeks episode of Monday Night Raw was live from Memphis, TN and featured WWE Hall of Famer on color in place of Booker T. who was dealing with issues relating to Hurricane Harvey that recently devastated the Texas Gulf coast.

The show was highlighted by a fantastic segment involving Roman Reigns and John Cena to hype their match at September’s NO MERCY PPV event. The promos cut were two of the best either man has ever delivered with Cena suggesting that Roman’s rise to glory is only due to being a “corporate creation” and Roman not being The Guy, but just being a guy. Roman speculated that John had a “golden shovel” which he uses to bury younger talent, a point that I whole heartily disagree with.

The appearance of  Heath Slater as his South Paw Regional Wrestling alter ego Pelvis Wesley was hysterical and genuinely entreating. Watching the young buck Elias Sampson destroy him was priceless. I truly hope that the WWE allows for more of the South Paw characters to add levity to a sometimes way to serious product. This helps to break up the show and adds a most needed comic relief to the three hour broadcast and offers a way to involve fans in the action and draw attention to some of the most entertaining content the WWE has offered up lately.

The main event highlighted the RAW Women as Alexa Bliss was able to recapture the RAW Women’s title in a match that saw Sasha Banks put forth an effort that she has been lacking since her injury a few months back. The involvement of Nia Jax served to once again peek my interest in the division as I personally feel Nia is long over due for her opportunity at the championship. The feud between Nia and Alexa should serve as a reboot to the floundering division. It is time that WWE gave the division what it needs, a dominated female that can be seen ad legitimate an worthy of the title.

That’s my opinion, and it’s the only one that matters!