Super MIZ Strikes

It’s been a minute since the last MIZ WATCH here on so this one is going to power packed with punches.

Going back a couple of weeks, the MIZ and his beautiful wife Maryse were forced into a transgender…oh no that was Tyler Breezes role, I  mean Inter Gender tag team match at WrestleMania 33 against John Cena and his lapdog Nikki Bella.

The Miz stated he would show the world the real John and Nikki.

The Miz presented the world to Total Bellas Bull S**t.  The lost footage was some of the most entertaining and though provoking ever shown on SmackDown Live or it’s predecessor. This is definitely Miz Watch Entertainment.

John and Nikki would appear on SmackTalk Live where John did what John does best, Talk Smack!