This weeks episode of Sunday Night RAW, err, uh, I mean the WWE’s Payback Pay-Per-View came to us live (somewhat) from the SAP (and that is what we are for watching this) Center in San Jose (or the town that Bayley built), CA.

This show was a heaping mound of steaming dog crap.  Though there were a few highlights; Cesaro finally turning heal, Jeff Hardy’s tooth getting kicked out of his skull by Sheamus, the crowd chanting thank you Stroman and you deserve it after his total inhalation of Roman Reigns, and Alexa Bliss proving that any one woman formerly on the SmackDown Live roster is better than Bayley and/or Sasha Banks.

After making strides forward on RAW this pay-per-view took a massive dump on the fans by presenting the worst match concept in decades, yes even worse than the tower of doom match or the Punjabi Pit match, or even that crappy match on the back of a semi rig with Dustin Rhodes.  This show was garbage.  Too bad Braun Stroman couldn’t have thrown this into a dumpster and shoved it off of the top of the SAP Center and saved us from this over produced pile of manure.

The heavily promoted House of Horrors match was absolutely horrible.  The premise could have been something special, instead we were berated with a nonsensical abomination that asked the viewer to suspend disbelief beyond the realm of even the worst B movie by Ed Wood.  The pre recorded portion of the match started at night in an undisclosed location in the middle of no where and brought us into a world of stupidity and twisted reality that was neither horrifying nor was it in any way exciting or worth the hype. I can see why SmackDown Live dumped this pile of bat guano on the RAW brand. The match ended in the arena (why?) and then only after the Bollywood Boys assaulted Orton and Jinder Mahal laid him out with a belt shot to the back of the head. Let’s make Bray Wyatt look weaker than a Roman Reigns promo.

Allowing Alex Bliss to be the first woman to hold both the SmackDown Live and RAW women’s titles is only proof that she probably slept her way into the title picture. The match was horrible, much more so than the House of Horrors match. Having Bayley drop the title in her home town was a stroke of shear stupidity. I am not a fan of Bayley, but come on. Why wasn’t the honor of holding both championships bestowed on Charlotte Flair?

The main event of Reigns and Stroman proved that the RAW team still has no damn idea how you script good wrestling matches. The action wasn’t lacking, but when a man is brutalized with steal steps and starts to spit up stage blood, then he is out. Even Roman Reigns isn’t that damn tough. His walking from the ring was just ignorant. He was spitting up blood. A man can’t wrestle because he suffers a concussion but a man who is spitting up blood is alright to walk out on his own. What bullsh**.

Why did this Pay-Per-View need an overrun? Why did I feel like I was watching a bad WWE Studios film? Why? Why? Why?