Sick and Effing Tired

I am so sick of the idiots out there that keep bashing on Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin.  What the hell is wrong with these fans.  They will sing the praises of Joh Cena, AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Roman Reigns and the like but not one damn time will they admit that The Miz is awesome.

Here is a man that made his own way in the world of professional wrestling without the help of being related to someone like the Rock.  Being the ideal “sports entertainer”.  Sleeping with the boss or the #1 superstar on the roster.  He made his own way.  He fought.  He sweated.  He became one of the most well rounded superstars in WWE history by his self.

He is a former WWE Champion.  He is a 6 time Intercontinental champion.  He has been a tag team champion with guys that are not even a part of the WWE anymore.  If he is so horrible why is he still there and they are gone?  He is one of the few men to be able to state he defeated John Cena at WrestleMania, yeah that one shocked everyone didn’t it?

In the last year he has been a part of one of the most memorable feuds in  WWE history with Dolph Ziggler.  Their matches were all highlights of 2016.  It takes 2 to tango and Miz and Dolph dance so beautifully that Chris Jericho is jealous.

He has remained a viable asset to WWE since arriving in the WWE.

The Miz is self made and the everyone out there who hates on him is simply jealous.  I sincerely hope all you smart ass know nothings one day wake up and feel the awesomeness and wonder that is the miraculous career of a true future hall of fame member.

Your hate fuels The Miz.  Your incessant misunderstanding brings him pleasure and wealth.

That’s my opinion and it’s the only one that matters.