The Roadie’s Anthem Impact Fantasy Booking

The Roadie from Rock It 107.5FM in Port Chalmers, New Zealand brings you his fantasy booking for the new set of tapings for Anthem Impact Wrestling in March:

The show starts with Bobby Lashley in the ring talking himself up & telling everyone how he will show MMA Josh Barnett what its like in his world.

EC3’s music plays & he appears on the ramp.

EC3 says hes pissed off. He says the company that his aunt & family saved from bankruptcy has been torn away from them. He say that he & a few like minded friends are going to take the company back for the “Carter Family”:

The screen above him lights up & Aunt “D” is shown from what appears to be the Anthem Impact boardroom.

She says if it weren’t for her Lashley & a lot of the other talent would have been given their opportunities to shine on the televised stage that was TNA.

She says after he wrestles Barnett tonight win or lose, things are going to be different.

All of Impact champions & roster are on notice the Carter Family is going to take Impact back.

The lights go out & and the DDC theme plays.

They appear on the ramp with EC3.

The DDC are the Carter Family’s new enforcers!