Revenge Is Best Serverd With A Pipe

After once again being assaulted by Nikki Bella while minding her own business, Maryse finally gained an ounce of justice, something SmackDown Live GM Daniel Bryan would not give.  This came in the form of a pipe as Maryse assisted Natalya in vanquishing John Cena’s lapdog this week on during a falls count anywhere match.

Cena’s jealousy of The Miz was ever so apparent as he unceremoniously tossed missed over the top rope to eliminate him from a match, that without a shadow of doubt, he would have won. This jealousy of Cena and Nikki needed to be checked so The Miz did what was necessary since Shane and Daniel seem to be ignoring the fact that Nikki and John can not stand the fact that Miz and Maryse are just that much better than they are.

The Miz sought retribution and threw John Cena from the ring to squash his hopes of becoming a 17 time WWE Champion.