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To understand who they are, you have to know who they were:

Growing up they were fans of extreme style wrestling specifically mentioning the Hardyz as one of their inspiration, they made their pro debut at Sharkboy’s Buckeye Pro Wrestling company under the team name as Irish Airborne, originally they didn’t wrestle under their real name as the 2 were known as Lotus (Dave) & Crazy J (Jake) due to their performance there they would head to Les Thatcher’s Heartland Wrestling Association (HWA) they found success defeating Necessary Roughness in May 2005 for the tag titles, but as success came to the brothers so too did tension. This boiled over as a bloody feud that began in the Fall of 2005 and lasted through early 2006. The feud culminated in a best of seven series in which each brother would attempt to top the other in amounts of violence and wit. The feud finally ended in one of HWA’s bloodiest and most gruesome ladder matches to date. Both men realizing neither could top the other ended the feud and began to wrestle as a team once again

In 2006 they headed to ROH. At an Insanity Pro Wrestling show in Indianapolis, Indiana, the Airborne announced that they would be no longer be wrestling under the names of Lotus and Crazy J, but instead under their real names of Dave and Jake Crist. John decided to use the first name of “Jake” rather than John because at that moment there were too many well known Johns in professional wrestling. The name change was a way of growing up for the team and an ability to drop their older persona which in a small way had ties to the Juggalo movement related to the music group Insane Clown Posse

In March of 2006 the Crists were able to earn ROH roster spots by defeating the team of Tony Mamaluke & Sal Rinauro at the time what was known as the New Alhambra Arena (though it is more famously known as the ECW Arena)

On April 9, 2011, Jake Crist was invited to compete in Combat Zone Wrestling’s “Best Of The Best X” representing Insanity Pro Wrestling. Jake Crist would go on to lose in the first round losing against Sami Callihan in a triple threat match that also involved AR Fox. The next night on April 10, 2011 at CZW’s “International Incident” Jake Crist would go on to wrestle Jon Moxley in Moxley’s final match in CZW in another losing effort. After the match Jake would be attacked by both Moxley and Robert Anthony until Devon Moore made the save. Jake Crist return to CZW on May 14, 2011 in a losing effort against Ryan Mcbride however fans chanted Please Come Back after the match. On July 9, 2011 at CZW “New Heights” AR Fox would offer a CZW Wired TV Championship title match to Jake Crist. Jake Crist would go on to gain his first win in CZW by defeating AR Fox to become the new CZW Wired TV Champion. Jake’s Brother, Dave Crist would also make his CZW debut celebrating with his brother on title win. On September 10, 2011, Jake Crist was originally supposed to defend his newly won title against Chrisjen Hayme. However, Hayme would withdraw from the match and be replaced by Dustin Rayz. Jake Crist would go on to retain against Dustin Rayz. Dave Crist though, would show more concern about his brothers TV title than in Jake Crists well being.

After the show Dustin Rayz would confront the Irish Airborne about Dave getting involved in his match against Jake.Rayz would then challenge Dave Crist at CZW “Cerebral”. Dave would go one to win that match. Jake Crist successfully defended his Wired TV title against Latin Dragon earlier that night. On April 14, 2012, Dave defeated Jake with a low blow to win the CZW Wired TV Championship. Dave would drop the title to AR Fox less than a month later and The Crists would disappear from CZW.

Upon re-entering CZW, the Irish Airborne forged darker personalities and began wrestling a much more violent style, very similar to the one they were using when they went to war against each other in HWA they formed the Ohio is 4 Killers stable with Nevaeh and Sami Callihan, dropping the Irish Airborne name they instead started competing under the initials of the stable Oi4K as their new team name.

As one final note the reason their IMPACT debut was so bad, the 2 guys they fought were also members of the Oi4K stable, so they wanted to make their friends look good. While a noble sentiment to look after your friends, doing so in your debut honestly wasn’t a good idea, but again I can resepct them trying to help their friends out, even if done at the wrong time