Watch the video time line as the story developed and decide for yourself. John Cena & Nikki Bella versus The Miz & Maryse is a well crafted storyline with a logical outcome.

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For anyone who doubts what The Miz and John Cena can do in a wrestling match I suggest you settle in a watch some videos courtesy of the WWE YouTube Channel, some of the best from the past.  The Miz and Cena have had a great rivalry over the last decade.

Miz being the top heal and Cena the face, you could say they have had a damn good run together.  Whether it was backstage politics or maybe, just maybe, talent that got them over, Cena and The Miz is a storyline feud that has permeated the Annuals of Professional Wrestling.

Say what you want about The Miz and John Cena but both of these men are future WWE Hall of Famers. Each has earned his spot inside of WWE. Cena’s Hustle Loyalty, and Respect has always been a conundrum to The Miz. His Smacktalk, Cheating, and Succeeding tactics have always seemed to work for him.

Nikki and Maryse are hardly strangers to each other inside the ring.


In 2017 the rivalry between Miz and Cena brought real life drama into what most see as a wasted match a WrestleMania 33. The addition of Maryse and Nikki Bella into the mix has become a deterrent to many, yet the build to the match could not have worked without them.

John Cena has matured over the last decade, more specifically over the last 9 months. His in ring skills have improved as time progressed due to his on-going feud with AJ Styles. If he brings those skills to the table then The Miz is in for a long night.

You can’t discount The Miz either. His ring skills may not be the best, but he always shinned in high profile matches, especially against John Cena.

One would hope that Nikki and Maryse, other than Nikki getting one up on Maryse and some revenge for the pipe attack on February 21st.

Both Cena and The Miz have delivered some great promos on the way to WrestleMania to set this match up. You really have to ask where the line between reality and fiction meet in a well built angle?


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