On February 1st Impact Wrestling, formerly known as TNA/GFW Impact, began airing the first shows taped under the direction of Don Callis and Scott D’Amore. Both men are industry savvy and have had extensive careers around the world in the business.  Along with a new direction under Callis and D’Amore, there have been other changes within the company; talent that has officially left, a new pay structure, and some glaring aesthetic changes.

Nick and I pondered the question recently about that “name” that would change the direction (and the fortunes) of the beleaguered promotion, if there is indeed one. We have also asked if the loss of talent would factor into the final demise of the product. I wonder how we feel now and if we owe Anthem Sports an apology for previous comments?

This week on Pro Wrestling 24/7 Nick and I will revisit the topic of the new Impact Wrestling and present our thoughts on the direction that seems to be developing inside of Impact moving forward under the direction of Callis and D’Amore. First off I want to put forth some facts about the recent changes and upheavals inside of Impact Wrestling.


Impact has officially done away with the six-sided ring.  Is this a benefit or will it be a downfall moving forward?


The following talent have officially left the company (whether they are on the current episodes or not)

  • EC3 – made his NXT debut at TakeOver Philadelphia
  • JEREMY BORASH – hired by WWE to work with Matt Hardy on the Broken Hardy gimmick
  • RENO SCUMM – back to the independent scene and FSW / CWFH
  • ROCKSTAR SPUD – now the GM of 205 Live, Drake Maverick

Here is where most will concentrate argument that Impact is a faltering company. I do not agree with this. We could call this a culling of the herd. Talent leaving means that there is opportunity for others out there who may, or may not, have been associated with Impact to come in and fill the voids left by those leaving. Hint hint Brian Cage!

Look at the fact that Austin Aries is back. Kongo Kong is being elevated. Allie is beginning to morph into her previous persona Cherry Bomb. Matt Sydal, while not my favorite, is becoming a key player with a developing back story. There is new blood and with that comes new life.

One glaring improvement is on commentary. I have been on board with Josh Matthews for sometime now and the injection of Sonjay Dutt is a breath of fresh air for the product. It truly seems as though Impact is moving away from the chains of TNA and forging a new path.

I invite everyone to listen in to a very special FRIDAY episode of Pro Wrestling 24/7 this week as Nick and I discuss the facts and give our thoughts on the State of Impact in 2018.

Listen in live Friday February 16th at 8p E / 5p P for a very Special show!