Independent Spotlight Jerome Daniels

Independent Spotlight – Jerome Daniels

Jerome Daniels is said to be proficient in many disciplines of combat, possess genius level intellect, and uncanny tactical awareness. It’s no surprise that this performer has amassed over 21 championship reigns in multiple companies all over the country in the course of his career. He is also training partners with Bellator MMA fighters Will Florentino, Victor Reyna, and Justin Patterson. That coupled with the expert coaching of the likes of Arjan Carlos Moreno (Maui Thai) Master Cheetah Chanthanao (Maui Thai) Veronica Cortez(BJJ) and Brandon Wim (Wrestling) it won’t be surprising to see a jump to the cage. Though the assumed captain of the newly formed pro wrestling faction the “DOTMOB Fight Team” assures us that his focus is on pulling his weight in the squares circle alongside his teammates (Dontae Smiley, Ty Wilson, Kenny Steele). It’s hard to believe his eyes aren’t set on successful endeavors in both sports. But what else can be expected of someone who is described by his teammates to have, “laser focus and scary patience”? If we know anything about “The Man Without Flaw” it’s that his best is yet to come.

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