Happy New Year

Well doggies (thank you Jedd Clampett) the new year has just begun and already there have been some major news stories in Professional Wrestling.

The first SmackDown of 2017 saw a new Intercontinental Champion crowned in Dean Ambrose, his second stint.

The Miz totally tears it up on SmackTalk Live.

Anthem Entertainment now OWNS Impact Wrestling and Dixie Carter is OUT!

All in all, great start to 2017 in my opinion.

But what about Pro Wrestling 24/7 you might ask?

We’ve got some big news here also.

We will now start posting Pro Wrestling 24/7 Classics.

You can hear past episodes of Gorilla Blood, OWW Radio, and any other archival programming we may have on hand.

Be warned though, some of these programs contain language some may consider offensive

Be sure to check in every week for MIZ WATCH.  That’s right.  He is the most must see superstar in all of WWE.

The biggest news we have here is that we are in negotiations to bring Daniel Corriea and Scott NDX (the hosts of Gorilla Blood Radio), and some others back to the show on a regular basis.

Starting on January 9th we will also welcome PW247’s Facebook Group contributor Flame Thrower and his Burning Break Down of RAW, SmackDown, NXT, Lucha Underground, and Impact on Pop.  There will also be a few surprises in there also.

Finally, but not least of all, we are proud to announce that Pro Wrestling 24/7 can now be heard on Monday nights at 10pm. Rock It 107.5FM Port Chalmers, NZ. For our fans in New Zealand you can listen online @ www.rockit1075.co.nz or mobile: www.shoutcheap.com/mobile/rockitportchalmers.

Nick and I thank Bryan Byas, the station manager at Rock It 107.5 for making all this possible.

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