Fifteen Years In The Making

Fifteen years doesn’t really seem like a long time to someone my age, but in reality it is. When your a television program than no one on the planet has given a chance at success it is an eternity. On July 2nd, Impact Wrestling (aka: Total Nonstop Action TNA) will celebrate 15 years of business. Fifteen years of ups. Fifteen years of downs.

During that time there have been three changes of ownership, Jeff and Jerry Jarrett, Panda Energy (aka: Dixie Carter), and most recently Canadian Combat Sport powerhouse Anthem Sports and Entertainment. There have been too many controversies to list. Some backstage underhanded double dealings. A ton of talent acquisitions and loses. Finally a loyal fan base of hundreds of thousands in the United States and millions world wide. Impact is the little promotion that could.

The little promotion that could go out and acquire some of the most talented professional wrestlers on the planet today EC3, Eli Drake, Bobby Roode, and Eric Young just to name a few. Oh an let us not forget AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. Many, no, most wrestling fans have been huge detractors of TNA/Impact and, on most occasions, have had to eat their words.

All the jaw jacking and uninformed speculation that has surrounded the promotion from day one has only served to make TNA/Impact the second most popular promotion on the planet; sorry ROH fans but it is the truth. Those who call themselves journalist have printed rumors and misconceptions about the promotion in, I don’t know, the hopes of eradicating it from the industry? Still, on July 2nd the promotion will celebrate 15 years of doing business. Fifteen years of presenting a product unique to the industry. Fifteen years of finding and refining some of the best professional wrestlers on the planet. Fifteen years of being a company that, long before NXT and SmackDown Live, was giving gifted talent the opportunity to shine in front of a world wide audience.

Happy 15th Anniversary to Impact Wrestling.

May there be 100 more!


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