David and Goliath

Social media, it seems, is the litmus test used by many out there to determine their worth to society. It is the basis on which millions base their popularity and acceptance by the world at large. Those with thousands of Facebook likes and Twitter followers seem to place themselves on some sort of pedestal and exalt their worth to others. Why is this? Why have we moved from a society and culture where integrity, honesty, and fairness have be supplanted by a constant barrage of tweets and posts about things that have no reasonable facsimile of the industry in which we are involved?

The WWE tweets and posts about issues and concerns related to the company; be it pro wrestling, music, movies, or their charitable works. This is how they utilize social media to draw an audience to those products which they are involved with. They do not drop in unrelated pop culture references to bait others into following, liking, or subscribing to their products. They allow their employees and talent to express themselves using their own social media accounts, within logical reason.

At times, certain superstars have used social media to lash out at fans that are hyper critical of them, the recent back and forth between Baron Corbin and Dave Meltzer for example.

We, as journalists have criticized the WWE feeling that, and I will use Baron Corbin as my example case moving forward, it has punished those who seem to break the fourth wall and are baited by descenders. Nothing new in the world of professional wrestling.

Looking at the recent issues with Baron Corbin and Dave Meltzer we assume that Corbin’s recent loss if the Money In The Bank briefcase and subsequent loss to John Cena at SummerSlam was punishment for his bantering with Meltdown. We have not seen the bigger picture, in fact, I dare say we sometimes refuse to see the canvas at all. As #EducatedIdiots we often believe, no matter how falsely, that we know better than those who actually work for the WWE what is best for business. How wrong we truly are in this assumption.

Just look at Baron Corbin since SummerSlam. He is now more aggressive and more focused. Using the setbacks encountered to add another, although not new, layer to his character.

In NXT Corbin was a feared competitor that dominated the entire roster. His persona of the Lone Wolf is what drew us, as fans, to him. He became, as the saying goes, must see. After his arrival on the main roster he became complacent and rather boring to watch. What interest is their for #EducatedIdiots when a man who stands 6 foot 8 inches and weighs 275 pounds is involved in a storyline with Kalisto, a man less than half his size and despised by most fans. The David and Goliath angle works, but not when David is loathed by most while Goliath is beloved. This makes no sense and only serves to destroy the credibility and realism of the Giant. This is the same fate that has befallen The Big Show. Should the giant be relegated to storylines that involve competitors that, as most would say, should be crushed under toe of the beast? In my opinion most certainly not.

By having Corbin loss the Money In The Bank briefcase and fall to John Cena, he has found his inner beast and is now as aggressive as he was in NXT. It is about damn time I say. It is time that the WWE’s 7 footers be portrayed as dominant, almost unsurmountable adversaries that are unbeatable. This is how you sell the drama. Who can possibly conquer Goliath when he is angered. It is through the building of the indestructible, the feared, and the dominate that reality is achieved in professional wrestling. It is through the total destruction of opponents that beast grows and becomes stronger than ever before. This formula has worked for eons. It will always work.

When a David steps up and conquers Goliath then we are presented with a new hero, a new legend. When the beast is held back and forced to deliver below what it expected then we have an unbelievable and unmarketable commodity that, in the long run, isn’t worth the price of a ticket. It is my opinion that the recent setbacks of Baron Corbin have been for the better. What many see as punishment for social media drama has been, perhaps, the best thing that could have happened to Corbin.

For the months after Corbin’s winning Money In The Bank #EducatedIdiots criticized the WWE feeling Corbin wasn’t ready. Many complained in social media of this fact and. When we got what we wanted we criticized WWE for punishing Corbin for having a tiff with Dave Meltzer in social media. Who is right? The company that contracts the talent? The #EducatedIdiots who feel they know what’s best? I, personally, will side with the company. Has he been punished for his comments directed at Meltzer or has he been reward with a fresh start?

Corbin, as it seems, is headed for a collision with WWE United States Champion AJ Styles. Though Styles is smaller than Corbin, his abilities inside the ring and on the mic have made him one of the top professional wrestlers in the world. A feud with AJ can only serve to enhance Corbin’s abilities inside the squared circle. For AJ, a feud with Corbin will offer up to the fans great in ring action and can only serve to add to the legacy he has already established. This is what David and Goliath should be about. Can David conquer the giant? We shall see.

That’s my opinion, and it’s the only one that matters.

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