Professional Wrestling journalism is something I take very seriously. I watch Raw, SmackDown Live, GFW Impact, NXT, ROH, NOAH, and any other wrestling promotions I can possibly find video on line for. I do this so that I am seen as a credible journalist with a full knowledge and understanding of the product which I report on.

As one of the hosts of Pro Wrestling 24/7 on NBC Sports Radio On-Demand, it is my responsibility to present informed opinion on the business that I am in, professional wrestling. It is my responsibility to be a student of the game in order to be the best that I can be. I must be credible to those who follow the industry and those who are in the industry. I must be credible to NBC Sports Radio and my peers in the business. Without this I am nothing more than a fan boy spewing biased opinions based on conjecture and speculation.

That being said, I am tired of seeing all the #EducatedIdiots on social media that only watch one promotion. Be it WWE, GFW, ROH, or what ever. These fan boys (and girls) have no idea of what professional wrestling actually is. They base their dislike, distain, and out right hatred for one promotion over another on uninformed and ill thought out concepts that are at the very least tainted and at worst simply unfounded.

I take pride in not jumping on the latest rumors and gossip. I wait for the story to develop and the facts to come forth before I speak on a topic. I would rather be informed and correct than be seen as biased and unknowledgeable. This is how I present myself and how I wish to be perceived by those who follow Pro Wrestling 24/7. This is how I want those in social media to see myself, my colleagues, and the program which I have worked tirelessly on for six years.

Pro Wrestling 24/7 doesn’t have the huge social media out reach that people like Dave Meltzer and Busted Open Radio have, however it is the most honest and fair journalism when it comes to professional wrestling. We have opened our mics to Independent promoters and wrestlers that would never receive any recognition from the previously mentioned programs. We have done so in the knowledge that there is talent out there that deserves to be addressed on a larger platform. These are the true heart of the business. These are the future Bobby Roodes, Seth Rollins, and Alexa Blisses. There are many independent wrestlers that deserve the spotlight and Pro Wrestling 24/7 offers that option to them.

For anyone, be it an individual, program, or corporation to negate the validity of professional wrestling’s independent scene shows a deep lack of credibility. Main stream promotions that garner millions of social media followers and viewers on their corporately produced productions are not credible and therefore not deserving of their fans. Websites that post news they have garnered from dirt sheets and journalists with a less than stellar reputation for honesty are, in and of themselves, not credible.

Pro Wrestling 24/7 takes pride in not running with the pack. We take pride in knowing that we have researched the information that is available in order to present to our listeners the most unbiased, honest, and legitimate Professional Wrestling news, talk, and information available on the internet today. Join us in our quest to be the best by following us on Twitter @thepw247; follow us on Facebook by joining our group and getting involved in the conversation; subscribe to our show at and on iTunes for the latest episodes.

Most of all stop by and listen to our live broadcast every Wednesday at 8p E / 5p P and hear the most credible Professional Wrestling Sports Talk on the internet today.

That’s my opinion, and it’s the only one that matters!