How can you still dislike Reigns as a character

How can you still dislike Reigns as a character?

A few weeks back prior to Wrestlemania, The Boobs and I told you why we think Roman Reigns should go over Undertaker at Wrestlemania.  Thankfully he did just that, plus we got a cool Wrestlemania moment out of it.  But I’m not here to talk about Undertaker retiring.  Roman Reigns, the ultimate heel character in the WWE had emerged long before 33 in Orlando.  This happened the day he won the Royal Rumble, when we all wanted to see Daniel Bryan.  It happened when The Rock attempted to persuade Wrestling Fans to like his Cousin.  It happened when Vince McMahon and the Writers continued to give Reigns the victories over every Wrestler on the roster since the breakup of The Shield.

It is nearly impossible to like Roman Reigns as a character in the WWE.  And the WWE is finally embracing it.  This was a slow, long and painful road to this moment and it seems almost like it was calculated by the powers of WWE.  But then again how can you write this?  Everything fell into place for the WWE with Roman Reigns and now they have the ultimate heel for us to hate and await the one Wrestler who could knock him down.  Roman is the biggest modern day heel character and arguably company history.  And he should be billed as one for a long time.

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