After being brutalized in the Royal Rumble match for 32 minutes and 44 seconds and then being tossed over the top rope by The Undertaker who only lasted 5 minutes and 30 seconds, The Miz was brutally assaulted on SmackDown Live on January 31st by Baron Corbin who decided to interject himself in the main event with Dean Ambrose & AJ Styles.

The Miz, being the perfect wrestler that he is, came to ringside during the main event to offer his vast knowledge of the wrestling industry to JBL, Mario Renallo, and the very bias David Otunga.

Baron Corbin, who is jealous of The Miz, came to the commentary position and began to verbally berate the A-Lister and then decided to physically assault the most must see superstar in history.

At the end of the night Corbin would then deliver an End of Days to The Miz.

I am sure that this will not stand and Corbin will find that A Skull Crushing Finally trumps the End of Days anytime.