001 – The Beginning

Posted by Harry Bobb on January 8, 2017

Nick and Harry this week discuss if this is “The Best Or Worst Time To Be A WWE Wrestler.” With many of the main event roster of the WWE out for the foreseeable future can and will the new talent step up. Also on the show Nick and Harry rundown the top highlights of the […]





Why Give Away The Horse?

Posted by Harry Bobb on January 10, 2017

This is the second in my series of articles on how Anthem Entertainment can revitalize Impact Wrestling. Today I come at you with this proposition: Stop giving the horse away.  What do I mean, the money, the revenue from pay-per-view.  When TNA decided to cut pay-per-views to two a year they slit their own throats.  […]

Swoggle Can Wrestle

Posted by Harry Bobb on January 9, 2017

It’s amazing and often confusing how the WWE squanders talent.  Let’s look at Hornswoggle, or Swoggle as he is now known.  Here is a man who is short of stature but long on talent and ability as he proved on the first episode of Impact on Pop for 2017. Swoggle was called out by one […]

Happy New Year

Posted by Harry Bobb on January 8, 2017

Well doggies (thank you Jedd Clampett) the new year has just begun and already there have been some major news stories in Professional Wrestling. The first SmackDown of 2017 saw a new Intercontinental Champion crowned in Dean Ambrose, his second stint. The Miz totally tears it up on SmackTalk Live. Anthem Entertainment now OWNS Impact […]