061 – An Exotic Conversation

Posted by Harry Bobb on July 21, 2017

Joe Exotic, NWA Texoma color commentator and candidate for Governor of Oklahoma joins Harry, The Roadie, and Texoma Pro promoter Robert Langdon for a laugh filled conversation about wrestling and life. Listen in as Joe does his best Gordon Ramsey as he runs the restaurant kitchen at his Exotic Cat rescue in Oklahoma. Tune in […]

060 – A Domestic Affair

Posted by Harry Bobb on July 17, 2017

With allegations and speculation about the situation between Paige and El Partron, Harry sits down with a professional wrestler, a former roadie, and an ex-military member to discuss the issue of Domestic Violence and maybe try to understand why this happens in our society. Call in live at 323-522-5582 to talk with Pro Wrestling 24/7 […]

059 – Flawless Jerome Daniels

Posted by Harry Bobb on July 7, 2017

There are times when an interview gets out of hand and, as a journalist you have to reign in the guest and take control, fortunately The Boobs one on one with Jerome Daniels was not one of these times. The Flawless one and The Boobs engaged in one of the most entertaining sit downs ever. […]

058 – Slammiversary 15 Fun

Posted by Harry Bobb on June 30, 2017

Harry is joined by Impact Superstar KONG KONG and Rockit 107.5 DJ The Roadie as they have a little fun and discuss Impact Wrestling’s Slammiversary 15 PPV Event. Find out more about #Slammiversary15 at and be sure to visit for more on Slammiversary Sunday July 2nd. @thepw247 on Twitter @theprowrestling247 on Facebook 323-522-5582 […]



Super MIZ Strikes

Posted by Harry Bobb on March 25, 2017

It's been a minute since the last MIZ WATCH here on so this one is going to power packed with punches. Going back a couple of weeks, the MIZ and his beautiful wife Maryse were forced into a transgender...oh no that was Tyler Breezes role, I  mean Inter Gender tag team match at WrestleMania [...]

I Came To Play

Posted by Harry Bobb on March 10, 2017

This week the most must see superstar in WWE history delivered a double whammy.  Many will criticize him for his assault on John Cena after his match with Carmella and James Ellsworth (why is this guy still on the roster?).  I for one applaud him for standing up to the arrogant Cena and his lap [...]



Independent Spotlight Jerome Daniels

Posted by Harry Bobb on July 5, 2017

Independent Spotlight – Jerome Daniels Jerome Daniels is said to be proficient in many disciplines of combat, possess genius level intellect, and uncanny tactical awareness. It’s no surprise that this performer has amassed over 21 championship reigns in multiple companies all over the country in the course of his career. He is also training partners […]


Posted by Harry Bobb on July 1, 2017

ON THE LIVE STREAM PRO WRESTLING 24/7 • PROWRESTLING247.COM • @thepw247 PRESENT SLAMMIVERSARY 15 FUN – PART II SLAMMIVERSARY CHAMPIONSHIP TRIVIA An entire hour of the conversation Harry The Boobs had with @ImpactWrestling monster Steve Wilson (aka: @RealKongKong) and The Roadie from Rockit107.5 FM in Port Chalmers, New Zealand. Listen in on an hour […]

Fifteen Years In The Making

Posted by Harry Bobb on June 27, 2017

Fifteen years doesn’t really seem like a long time to someone my age, but in reality it is. When your a television program than no one on the planet has given a chance at success it is an eternity. On July 2nd, Impact Wrestling (aka: Total Nonstop Action TNA) will celebrate 15 years of business. […]