055 – A Talk With An Honest Man

Posted by Harry Bobb on June 2, 2017

June's Independent Spotlight features The Boobs and Independent Athlete Texarkana Jones to discuss his career and get his thoughts on today's Professional Wrestling product. This is one of the most open and real professionals If you'd like to listen in to the rest of this amazingly honest conversation visit click below and listen in on [...]

Independent Spotlight #1 – Justin Mane

Posted by Harry Bobb on May 8, 2017

INDEPENDENT SPOTLIGHT NO. 1 - Justin Mane HOMETOWN Utica, Michigan USA EXPERIENCE 2008 - 2017 OFFICIAL WEBSITE SOCIAL MEDIA Twitter - @JustinManeOff Facebook - @JustinManeOfficial Instagram - @JustinManeOff Official YouTube Channel INDEPENDENT SPOTLIGHT JUSTIN MANE CAGESIDESEATS.NET Career Bio THE BOOBS REACTS Justin Mane is deserving of his spot as one of the top [...]


Super MIZ Strikes

Posted by Harry Bobb on March 25, 2017

It's been a minute since the last MIZ WATCH here on so this one is going to power packed with punches. Going back a couple of weeks, the MIZ and his beautiful wife Maryse were forced into a transgender...oh no that was Tyler Breezes role, I  mean Inter Gender tag team match at WrestleMania [...]

I Came To Play

Posted by Harry Bobb on March 10, 2017

This week the most must see superstar in WWE history delivered a double whammy.  Many will criticize him for his assault on John Cena after his match with Carmella and James Ellsworth (why is this guy still on the roster?).  I for one applaud him for standing up to the arrogant Cena and his lap [...]




Posted by Harry Bobb on February 15, 2018

On February 1st Impact Wrestling, formerly known as TNA/GFW Impact, began airing the first shows taped under the direction of Don Callis and Scott D’Amore. Both men are industry savvy and have had extensive careers around the world in the business.  Along with a new direction under Callis and D’Amore, there have been other changes […]

2018 KFC Rumble

Posted by Harry Bobb on January 30, 2018

In perhaps the biggest slight to professional wrestling fans since the cancellation of South Paw Regional Wrestling, the WWE has once again literally bitten the hand that feeds. Rumors ran rampant before the 30th annual WWE Royal Rumble that there would indeed be a KFC Colonel Rumble.  However most fans were shocked when the beloved […]

Happy Holidays

Posted by Harry Bobb on December 23, 2017

As is our tradition here at Pro Wrestling 24/7 we will be preempting out regular live broadcast this weekend to bring our listeners the joyous sounds of Christmas.  Regular programming will return on Tuesday December 26th. From Nick, The Boobs, and Ivanito, we wish you all the best this Holiday Season. Thank you for being […]