An Explosion on SmackTalk Live

After losing his Intercontinental Championship on the first episode of SmackDown Live of 2017, The Miz knew he had to make a statement.

He did this by letting professional wrestling fans around the world how he felt.

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I personally feel that our Face Book group manager Shocky Muraco summed it up best…

Is there a left wing liberal agenda forming against the Miz for being the best,  jumping through hoops set by Daniel Bryan, and for being married? Just look at the people in power, those who don’t hold back in sharing how they feel about the Miz with their left wing, elitist, pro-mediocre views. You have Daniel Bryan, Smackdown General Manager – also a tree hugging hippie. Daniel Bryan is bitter and butthurt that his career came to an end because he didn’t look after his body. And because Daniel Bryan couldn’t take care of himself in the ring, Bryan takes pride in his aggressive, career shortening style while ferociously criticising the Miz for his conservative style – a style that still allows him to work. Then you have Renee Young; the corrupt journalist who initially assaulted the Miz. Renee Young is a crazy, emotionally triggered journalist who crossed boundaries and does not expect to face the consequences – consequences that Daniel Bryan refuses to hand down. And then you have Renee’s boyfriend, Dean Ambrose, who is the recipient of the Smackdown GM’s adoration, and the boyfriend of the corrupt liberal journalist, Renee Young. Ambrose has the appearance of a person who is for the legalization of marijuana – a dramatic contrast to the hard working, polished, accomplished, married Miz. Dean Ambrose is being forced down our throats as the preferred choice of the GM and Journalist to be the Intercontinental Champion. Dean Ambrose is a hack, a lazy, ungroomed monster who is handed championship title reigns, similar to how Millennials are expecting free college education!