2018 KFC Rumble

In perhaps the biggest slight to professional wrestling fans since the cancellation of South Paw Regional Wrestling, the WWE has once again literally bitten the hand that feeds.

Rumors ran rampant before the 30th annual WWE Royal Rumble that there would indeed be a KFC Colonel Rumble.  However most fans were shocked when the beloved match was not on the main card and the only inkling of the match actually happening was a highlight real show during the 4 hour broadcast. Rumors have it that this match was hotter than KFC’s Nashville Hot tenders.

G_Suplex of North Kakalacky, Kentucky posted on her twitter account “NO KFC RUMBLE? THAT’S LIKE BISCUITS WITHOUT BUTTER!”

The biggest social media pipe bomb was delivered by one Phillip Brooks of Chicago with his claim of  the WWE ignoring the most flavorful talent in favor of big names like Ronald McDonald and Wendy!  He also called out the Burger King on his pretentious claim to being the “true” king of wrestling.  “Everyone knows the only real King in professional wrestling is Jerry ‘Smokey Memphis’ Lawler!”

Pro Wrestling 24/7 was fortunate to have our roving reporter Dino ‘Leg Man’ Winwood, no relation to Steve, on hand covering the event.  In an exclusive report filed just moments after the Rumble went off air, Dino did explain that the KFC Rumble did in fact happen as a dark match before the event went live this past Sunday.  That report is posted here.