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Posted on November 29, 2016

Holiday Schedule

about the Pro Wrestling 24/7 has been on hiatus do to the holiday season and a few personal issues Nick and The Boobs needed to deal with. We will be back on December 7th with a live show at 8p EST including a look at what has been happening in the Sport of Professional Wrestling. […]

Posted on November 19, 2016

Nick Anthony

NXT Takeover Toronto

Takeover Toronto wasn’t as good as past Takeover events but another solid show for NXT.  My one negative for the show would be the very first match of the night.  Bobby Roode and Tye Dillenger just did not in my opinion start the show off with the type of match that we’ve seen these two […]

Posted on October 16, 2016

Harry Bobb

The Final Impact?

It’s happened before in the Sport of Professional Wrestling, it will happen again. What makes this different? What makes this special? What is causing the foundations supporting TNA wrestling to crumble. Is this the final nail in the coffin of TNA? What we know. On Sept 26, 2016 AO1 Productions filed suit in US court against TNA […]

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